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Kigai Karte series CD drama sharing #1
hopexd wrote in singing_seiyuu
Based on the manga by Aomata Pink.

Golden Child
Cast: Imai Yuka, Ishida Akira, Morikawa Toshiyuki, Seki Toshihiko, Yuki Hiro

Out of the 3 image CDs in the Kigai series, this one has the most "talking". The other two (Hana mo Yuki, Suichuu Douji are half drama track half music tracks).

The heroine in this story is a Zashiki-warashi, the type of spirit/yokai who could bring wealth to the house it resides in.

15 years ago, a car crash killed the parents of a twin - the girl's name is Makoto, boy is called Midori. The real fact was, the sister died in the crash too, and a Zashiki-warashi took the place and became the girl.

Makoto and Midori were adopted by their uncle&aunt, who soon became very wealthy because of the Zashiki-warashi's power. But as they started to think the two children were burdens, the business went down very fast after they sent the children away to other relatives, eventually they ended up killing themselves under the huge debts.

Makoto and Midori had always been together, but as they grew up, distance started to grow between them too. Midori was no longer the crying boy who always clinged to his sister. Then a man called Touyama came into their life, Touyama pointed out to Makoto that he knew her true identify and made her an offer: That he would give his life(?) to Makoto so that Makoto could be reborn as a herself, and not someone's replacement, in exchange, Makoto was to always stay with Toyama to bring him wealth.

After a fight with Midori, the heart-broken Makoto decided to take the offer from Touyama. She set fire in her room, but Midori rushed in and tried to save his sister. The last thing Makoto saw was Midori was being struck by the burning frames(girder? Ccan't remember, have to check).

The Zashiki-warashi has reincarnated, this time the name is Seimu(literally meaning "waking up from a dream" or "awake dream" ?). As agreed, she's staying with Touyama and her identity now is Touyama's fiancee, and she does not have any memories of her past (life). One day in Touyama's factory, she met a young man working there, surprised at his limped leg, Touyama told her that young man suffered from a fire, and has lost all his memories. The young man's name is Midori.

Seimu felt a special attachment to Midori, and one day, She bumped into Benten (who's also not human), and suddenly all her memories came back. But she's about to get married with Touyama as she promised. Benten brought her to Kigai, and she told her story. However Dr. Kigai didn't do anything other than wishing her best for her wedding. Before she walked out, Kigai stopped her and gave her a gift for coming over to visit.

As for what happened next... it's up to you to find out. XD
*runs away*

Hope you like it. ^^

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Thanks for sharing ~~

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