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More Seki Songs
hopexd wrote in singing_seiyuu
Orz... the result of going through HD again was some more Seki Toshihiko songs found sitting in a different folder...

The song list is here, Niz I didn't find them on your list, not sure if you had them under different names, please check and let me know if you need any of them. :)

Seki Toshihiko - GPX - Gain Away.mp3
Seki Toshihiko - GPX - namida ga ashita wo tsuretekuru.mp3
Seki Toshihiko - Super Robot Tamashi - Kiseki.MP3
Seki Toshihiko - 聖神伝記エクステリア - omou kokoro.mp3
Seki Toshihiko - Princess Army - endline wa hitsoyo nai.mp3
Seki Toshihiko - Princess Army - umibe no summer house.mp3
Seki Toshihiko - Buchikamashi nemuri hime - Tonight...tsunoru omoi.mp3 (duet with the mangaka Kei Kusunoki)

Gee... and we thought we should have almost everything already. XD

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Grabbing a few of the songs I don't have. Hope you don't mind. Thank you very much! ^_^

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