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Hi. Is anyone selling a copy of the official Weiss Kreuz Radio Selection VII/7 CD? Amazon Japan no longer carries and it is the last CD I need. Let me know. Price is negotiable. Thank you!

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Ushio & Tora - Boogie Woogie Monster
vocals: Nakamura Asako & Inoue Mayuko (Amano Yuri & Touma Yumi)

Chou Jikuu Kidan Southern Cross - Musica
vocals: Musica (Hidaka Noriko)

Teikoku Sen Senki - HOLY SWORD ~Seinaru Mezame~ (short ver.)
vocals: Midorikawa Hikaru

Psychic Force -Extra Song Tracks-

Lucifer - Black Shadow, Desire, Poker Face
Kyuuketsuki Miyu - Hiiro no Hanabira, Mayoigo
Ninja Senshi Tobikage - Love Survivor
Saber Marionette - Kaze no Uta (Takano Urara)

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sharing "青空のプレゼント[aozora no present]" & requests...

B-VOICE 2nd Maxi Single "青空のプレゼント" 


*sharing (I uploaded them in my LJ
01 青空のプレゼント[aozora no present] B-Voice FULL Ver.mp3 
02 恋するスキル[koi suru skill].mp3 
  Vocal:山田聖徳(岩田光央)[Yamada Masanori(Iwata Mitsuo)]

*other tracks
03 青空のプレゼント[aozora no present] 一太 Ver.(朴璐美)[Itta Ver.(Park Romi)]
04 青空のプレゼント[aozora no present] 和 Ver.(小林沙苗)[Nagomu Ver.(Kobayashi Sanae)] 
05 青空のプレゼント[aozora no present] シロ Ver.(斎賀みつき)[Shiro Ver.(Saiga Mitsuki)]
06 青空のプレゼント[aozora no present] 修三郎 Ver.(皆川純子)[Syuzaburo Ver.(Minagawa Junko)]
07 青空のプレゼント[aozora no present] OFF VOCAL Ver.
08 恋するスキル[koi suru skill] OFF VOCAL Ver.
09 CONTE "一太です[itta desu]"
10 CONTE "アニメイト七不思議[animate nanafushigi]"
11 CONTE "お客様の希望[okyakusama no kibou]"

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More Seki Songs

Orz... the result of going through HD again was some more Seki Toshihiko songs found sitting in a different folder...

The song list is here, Niz I didn't find them on your list, not sure if you had them under different names, please check and let me know if you need any of them. :)

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Gee... and we thought we should have almost everything already. XD
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Sharing some slow songs of Takahashi Naozumi

From one of Takanao's old albums: Nokoshitai Fuukei

3.なごり雪 Nagori yuki

4.夏色の翼 Natsuiro no tsubasa

7.まほうの手 Mahou no te

Don't we love him. >.<

PS: I found this: An alternative version of Nagori Yuki sung by Yuki Hiro. It's interesting to compare two seiyuu's version. ^_^
Nagori Yuki is an old and popular song in Japan. Original verion by Iruka can be found here.
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Fushigi Yuugi CD Book

Here, selected Seki & Hidaka Duets from Fushigi Yuugi CD Book for ya.

Eien ni Wo Ai Ni -
Hoshi No Neiro -

My Seki Song list -
That's most of the Seki Mp3 I have - I suspect some of them may have distortion problem since I suffered from a harddisk failure last year...*cries*

(I also have most of the Angelique & Haruka songs, won't list all of them here, but i can check if you have any names. ^^)
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