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EDIT: Reup of Samurai Deeper Kyo Character Vocal Album (full). Enjoy.

Hmm, didn't realize I had these...Discovered within the dusty vault of my hard drive-and up they go! (For lack of better things to offer, gomen! ^^;; )

Samurai Deeper Kyo Character Vocal Album



3. PAX VOBISCUM Migeira; Midorikawa Hikaru

4. HANADOKI Sanada Yukimura; Ogata Megumi

5. KISUGI KANYOU NO KOTO Benitora; Seki Toshihiko ( Kyaaaa~~!)

6. AOSUSUKI Shiina Yuya; Horie Yui (Song's fantastic, btw)

7. KOHIKORO MO Izumono Okuni; Kakazu Yumi

8. KORAN Kyo; Katsuyuki Konishi

9. ASHIKABI Akira; Hoshi Souichirou

10. ZESSOU Shinrei; Seki Tomokazu

11. YOURYUU RISUI Sanada Yukimura; Ogata Megumi

12. DOKUMYOUFUU Hotaru; Koyasu Takehito

13. KINEN Kyo; Katsuyuki Konichi


Net's been particularly nice to me these past few days so here's another one, just for fun!

Na-Mi-Da; Lui's character song from Meine Liebe (Seki Toshihiko; a MUST-HAVE!)

EDIT: Link to song #2 fixed, my apologies!


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Koko wa Greenwood Vocal Collection
Nuriko - Dareka ga Yobu Koe ga Kikoeru
I uploaded this for everyone on my friends list a little while ago and decided I should share it with everyone here as well. The seiyuu are as follows: Sakamoto Chika, Seki Toshihiko, Sasaki Nozomu, Iwata Mitsuo, Inoue Kazuhiko and some of the other seiyuu listed on this page.

I named the files the English translations of the song names because I wasn't aware of the Japanese title of every song at the time, but they are listed here if you would like to rename them (I apologize for not doing so myself *lazy* ^^;)

Koko wa Greenwood Vocal Collection!! Enjoy!

And another thing, they're not in the correct order. The laziness strikes again D:

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Recently I've been searching desperately for any music by 'Hiroyuki Yoshino' and 'Saiga Mitsuki'. Would anyone have anything by them? I've uploaded some bribes in exchange~ @_@ I would appreciate the help~!

Briiibes~Collapse )

Sugita Tomokazu
my boys // sexy Tolen
does anyone have songs by Sugita Tomokazu? i'm really craving to hear him singing.. i only have his duet song from chobits. ;_;

Hello ^^U
I joined the community just now...i am a koyasu takehito fan since i am 4 years old...
ehm...so that is it (i dont know what more to say XD)
if somebody need help i am here (if i can help O,o)
kisses!!! and take care

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Ueki no Housoku

Does anyone have the opening and ending theme to Law of Ueki, opening theme Falco - Faruko by Shimatani Hitomi and ending theme, Kokoro no Wakusei ~Little Planets~ by Kayo Aiko?

l » that would be dark
For those who care... ^^; Just reuploaded all my Hoshi Souichirou music here for anyone who's interested! ^^;

X-posted to a few places, sorry. >>;

Request... :x
vesperia - yeager hallo!
I'm sorry if someone had posted this before. m(__)m

Does anyone know if these seiyuu have done any songs? And if anyone has any?? The seiyuu I'm looking for are: Kawasaki Eriko, Takato Yasuhiro, Suzumura Kenichi, Asano Masumi, Chiba Susumu, and Kishio Daisuke. Sorry that there are so many. I'm really curious... ;;; Sorry again. T_T

Maybe trades? and some nostalgic gifts XD
Hi everyone! I really love seiyuu music, and I'm always looking for more awesome songs I don't have, so I'm requesting trades with anyone who's interested. Here is my list uploaded to YSI for your convenience. :D

Blob's Music List (Part 1)

Blob's Music List (Part 2)

You can either e-mail me at abbydillon16@yahoo.com or comment here if you're interested (you could also comment over at my livejournal...yes, I posted something similar there because I'm weird that way XD). ^_^

Also, to not waste a perfectly good post with my blabbering, I've brought along a few songs that bring back memories for me. XD These three songs are from my pre-seiyuu obsessive days when I didn't know what seiyuu were and that almost every song they sang (with those sexy voices in a lot of cases XD) were absolutely wonderful.

From Yu Yu Hakusho:
Hiyama Nobuyuki and Megumi Oogata - Wild Wind
http://s14.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1PQGZ4TA4YD3128EP859ZAY8MP (Hiyama Nobuyuki's cool voice really blew me away :D)

From D.N. Angel:
Hoshi Souichirou - Hearts
http://s11.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2Y5X4W1TP990A0PM2VQFHQNGFO (this song is so catchy I find myself humming it constantly)

Okiayu Ryoutarou - Kodou ~Whenever~
http://s15.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0AGLGX6IAMUGA19ME3UX8B2E4K (I think this is one of the coolest songs ever...Okiayu Ryoutarou's voice is so sexy...he's one of my favorite and first seiyuu)

I hope we can make lovely trades together and please enjoy the awesome seiyuu songs! ^_^

This is one of those things that only Sunya The OCD Download Leech can bring you.

Who is PhantomZ? Why is he singing with Koyasu-san? When did I download this and where? I was rearranging my Weiss folder when I came across this unusual mp3 of some young man singing a duet with Koyasu (as Aya) on "Tomorrow."

It sends shivers down my spine because the mystery man is so much more immediate and unprocessed than the singing seiyuu we're accustomed to. On my speakers it really sounds like he's right in the room with me and I was surprised at what a strong reaction I had when listening. I guess I would like to say: I want to hear more of this sort of thing. Fanart, fanfic, fanrec, icons, communities, posts - those are all pretty common. But I think this - singing along with, or over the karaoke track - is a kind of fan-love that I could stand to see a little more of.

It doesn't even make sense that there isn't more music like that - cosplay is widespread and fic writers often try to get as close as possible to the "canon" character, but when it comes to voice acting or singing... this one lonely mp3 is the only evidence I've ever found that such a field could possibly exist (aside from a lot of dead-ended fandub projects :P)

Backup Link

Xposted to sunyaharjis and seiyuu, sorry to spam peoples' lists. BUT I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE DISCUSSING AND SHARING OF FAN MUSIC PLEASE. ^_______^


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