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uke fight!
seeing_scarlet wrote in singing_seiyuu
Hi. Is anyone selling a copy of the official Weiss Kreuz Radio Selection VII/7 CD? Amazon Japan no longer carries and it is the last CD I need. Let me know. Price is negotiable. Thank you!

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I saw you like j-music and I thought I'd let you know that we just started an international community dedicated to J-rock/pop music, Japan and japanese culture in general (including anime, manga, movies etc). We need new members and we hope to see it grow so that we can exchange news, tour dates, reviews and pictures taken at live gigs and a lot more. Okiwii was born as a personal wish to make it grow and become one of the biggest places on the web which gather j-rock/pop fans from all over the world.

Please feel free to join us at Okiwii:

Thank you for reading :)

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