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Sharing some slow songs of Takahashi Naozumi
hopexd wrote in singing_seiyuu
From one of Takanao's old albums: Nokoshitai Fuukei

3.なごり雪 Nagori yuki

4.夏色の翼 Natsuiro no tsubasa

7.まほうの手 Mahou no te

Don't we love him. >.<

PS: I found this: An alternative version of Nagori Yuki sung by Yuki Hiro. It's interesting to compare two seiyuu's version. ^_^
Nagori Yuki is an old and popular song in Japan. Original verion by Iruka can be found here.

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Iruka reminds me very much of an od favorite of mine, Nakajima Miyuki.

Here's a favorite song of mine by her (for comparison), "Headlight, Taillight":

taking the three of them! thank you~~!

thanks for the link ^^
yuuki hiro and nao.. Both of them like to use feminine clothes, but sometimes yuuki's clothes scared me ; in other hand , nao-chan looks good in anything, even greater without anything *punched by various fans* XD XD

Oh, thank you so much for sharing these! Snagging Yuuki's cover of Iruka's song, as well as the original. :3

Mag_chan: Thanks for the song, really nice. ^_^

n4ncy: Yuuki and Nao-chan does it in a different way... Yuki could be scary, I like them both though. XD Nao-chan is such a born performer. *fangirls*

Hello everyone! Does anybody know, if there is an English translation of Nagori Yuki?
Please write me, if you happen to know...
Thank you!

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