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Fushigi Yuugi CD Book
hopexd wrote in singing_seiyuu
Here, selected Seki & Hidaka Duets from Fushigi Yuugi CD Book for ya.

Eien ni Wo Ai Ni -
Hoshi No Neiro -

My Seki Song list -
That's most of the Seki Mp3 I have - I suspect some of them may have distortion problem since I suffered from a harddisk failure last year...*cries*

(I also have most of the Angelique & Haruka songs, won't list all of them here, but i can check if you have any names. ^^)

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Yes, yes, that's it!!! Thank you so much! You're amazing! Lyrics and all! ^O^ I love most of the Haru Toki songs, especially when all Hachiyou're involved. This is great. Thank you!!!

Re: Hachiyou boy band

Welcome ^^

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