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Fushigi Yuugi CD Book
hopexd wrote in singing_seiyuu
Here, selected Seki & Hidaka Duets from Fushigi Yuugi CD Book for ya.

Eien ni Wo Ai Ni -
Hoshi No Neiro -

My Seki Song list -
That's most of the Seki Mp3 I have - I suspect some of them may have distortion problem since I suffered from a harddisk failure last year...*cries*

(I also have most of the Angelique & Haruka songs, won't list all of them here, but i can check if you have any names. ^^)

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Name: seki toshihiko - KICKS ON THE WAY.mp3

Name: seki toshihiko - Hurricane Go! Go!.mp3

Name: Seki Toshihiko - Hope Kibou no tsubasa.mp3

Name: seki toshihiko - Hi Sazu! Gaku En Benri Ya Boys.mp3

Name: seki toshihiko - ~oh~one night joke.mp3

Name: seki toshihiko - Youth Asuriito.mp3

Name: Seki Toshihiko - YAWARA_IM_GLORIA.mp3

Name: seki toshihiko - Tsuyoki Na Season.mp3

Name: Seki Toshihiko - Rhythm of the Rain.mp3

Name: seki toshihiko - GPX - Hohoemi No Daishou.mp3

Name: Seki toshihiko - GPX - faith.mp3

Name: seki toshihiko - GPX - Endless.mp3

Name: seki toshihiko - GOOD BYE SUMMER.mp3

Name: seki toshihiko - Bud Boy - midnight dream.mp3

Name: seki toshihiko - adorshan.mp3

And this one below... is a mixed up one! XD I wonder why I never doubted until now... it doesn't really sound like Seki. The real artist should be TM Network. It's the ending song of Gundam Z ~Char's counter attack. Well take it if you want, I liked it anyway. ^^

Name: Seki Toshihiko - Gundam(Zeta) - Beyond the Time.mp3

Off to download more songs from Megaupload... XD

You're my god/dess.

I am speechless. Thank you so, sooo much! ♥ And have fun with the downloads! I know I am too!!!!!

thank you sooo much for your kindness!

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