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Fushigi Yuugi CD Book
hopexd wrote in singing_seiyuu
Here, selected Seki & Hidaka Duets from Fushigi Yuugi CD Book for ya.

Eien ni Wo Ai Ni -
Hoshi No Neiro -

My Seki Song list -
That's most of the Seki Mp3 I have - I suspect some of them may have distortion problem since I suffered from a harddisk failure last year...*cries*

(I also have most of the Angelique & Haruka songs, won't list all of them here, but i can check if you have any names. ^^)

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My god... that's some kind of list you have there. XD;

Megaupload... hmm tricky, I can't install that stupid banner at work, so I'll try at home, and upload your request during the weekends.

Guess my download bandwitch will be busy for quite a while. :D

Just let me know if I can mirror any of them and which host works best for you, or if you want me to send the songs straight to your email. Am currently very free and very, very bored. ^^

Ah yes. Shissou. Love that one too. ♥


Name: seki toshihiko - KICKS ON THE WAY.mp3

Name: seki toshihiko - Hurricane Go! Go!.mp3

Name: Seki Toshihiko - Hope Kibou no tsubasa.mp3

Name: seki toshihiko - Hi Sazu! Gaku En Benri Ya Boys.mp3

Name: seki toshihiko - ~oh~one night joke.mp3

Name: seki toshihiko - Youth Asuriito.mp3

Name: Seki Toshihiko - YAWARA_IM_GLORIA.mp3

Name: seki toshihiko - Tsuyoki Na Season.mp3

Name: Seki Toshihiko - Rhythm of the Rain.mp3

Name: seki toshihiko - GPX - Hohoemi No Daishou.mp3

Name: Seki toshihiko - GPX - faith.mp3

Name: seki toshihiko - GPX - Endless.mp3

Name: seki toshihiko - GOOD BYE SUMMER.mp3

Name: seki toshihiko - Bud Boy - midnight dream.mp3

Name: seki toshihiko - adorshan.mp3

And this one below... is a mixed up one! XD I wonder why I never doubted until now... it doesn't really sound like Seki. The real artist should be TM Network. It's the ending song of Gundam Z ~Char's counter attack. Well take it if you want, I liked it anyway. ^^

Name: Seki Toshihiko - Gundam(Zeta) - Beyond the Time.mp3

Off to download more songs from Megaupload... XD

You're my god/dess.

I am speechless. Thank you so, sooo much! ♥ And have fun with the downloads! I know I am too!!!!!

thank you sooo much for your kindness!

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