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Fushigi Yuugi CD Book
hopexd wrote in singing_seiyuu
Here, selected Seki & Hidaka Duets from Fushigi Yuugi CD Book for ya.

Eien ni Wo Ai Ni -
Hoshi No Neiro -

My Seki Song list -
That's most of the Seki Mp3 I have - I suspect some of them may have distortion problem since I suffered from a harddisk failure last year...*cries*

(I also have most of the Angelique & Haruka songs, won't list all of them here, but i can check if you have any names. ^^)

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Thank you very much for these-

Here's my Seki song list~

And here's a list of what I don't have on your list~

1. (What's Song Number One?)^^;

(Your list had me drooling T_T)

The first one is from Dr. Hayami, the kanji reads as "Shisshou" (running/walking fast).

And you might want to check out this post~

(Assuming you don't already have everything and assuming you CAN use Megaupload ^^;)

My god... that's some kind of list you have there. XD;

Megaupload... hmm tricky, I can't install that stupid banner at work, so I'll try at home, and upload your request during the weekends.

Guess my download bandwitch will be busy for quite a while. :D

Just let me know if I can mirror any of them and which host works best for you, or if you want me to send the songs straight to your email. Am currently very free and very, very bored. ^^

Ah yes. Shissou. Love that one too. ♥


Name: seki toshihiko - KICKS ON THE WAY.mp3

Name: seki toshihiko - Hurricane Go! Go!.mp3

Name: Seki Toshihiko - Hope Kibou no tsubasa.mp3

Name: seki toshihiko - Hi Sazu! Gaku En Benri Ya Boys.mp3

Name: seki toshihiko - ~oh~one night joke.mp3

Name: seki toshihiko - Youth Asuriito.mp3

Name: Seki Toshihiko - YAWARA_IM_GLORIA.mp3

Name: seki toshihiko - Tsuyoki Na Season.mp3

Name: Seki Toshihiko - Rhythm of the Rain.mp3

Name: seki toshihiko - GPX - Hohoemi No Daishou.mp3

Name: Seki toshihiko - GPX - faith.mp3

Name: seki toshihiko - GPX - Endless.mp3

Name: seki toshihiko - GOOD BYE SUMMER.mp3

Name: seki toshihiko - Bud Boy - midnight dream.mp3

Name: seki toshihiko - adorshan.mp3

And this one below... is a mixed up one! XD I wonder why I never doubted until now... it doesn't really sound like Seki. The real artist should be TM Network. It's the ending song of Gundam Z ~Char's counter attack. Well take it if you want, I liked it anyway. ^^

Name: Seki Toshihiko - Gundam(Zeta) - Beyond the Time.mp3

Off to download more songs from Megaupload... XD

You're my god/dess.

I am speechless. Thank you so, sooo much! ♥ And have fun with the downloads! I know I am too!!!!!

thank you sooo much for your kindness!

Oh, can you be my god/godess too?

Thank you so very much for sharing these!!! I'm afraid I don't have anything to share in return that you won't already have, but I don't want to be a leech, so... THANK YOU from a fellow Seki fanatic!!!


I took them, too. Bows! Thank you!

By the way, do you have that song the Hachiyou sang at the end of Haruka Matsuri 2005? Thanks!

I believe you meant Ryouen no Michi wo Yuke (遼遠の旅路を行け)?
Here's the Haruka Matsuri 2005's live version:
You can hear all the fans screaming. XD Ahh if I were there I'd be screaming too.

I'll upload the album version (from Suzukaze no Utage) after I get home tonight. ^^ This is one of my favourite Haruka songs.

Romaji Lyrics:

*yuukyuu no tabibito yo, ryouen no michi o yuke
niji no hashi mo, hoshi no yami mo
toki no kawa mo, asu ni tsuzuku

shukumei no tabibito yo, kagirinai yume o daki
sono hitomi o, michishinube ni
anata dake o, mamori kiru to ima chikaou*

haruka na ten to chi to ga deau basho
yoake ga umare izuru sono hikari
asahi o te no hira ni
furi mugu adokenasa
omowazu kokoro dake dakiyoseru
kono mune o donna toki mo
hanasanaide soba ni iyou

yuukyuu no tabibito yo, hateshinai sora o miyo
hana arashi mo, kumo no mine mo
kazetsunami mo, hubuki mo koe

shinjitsu no tabibito yo, yuruginai menazashide
inazuma sae chizu ni kaete
anata dake o ano basho e to tsurete yukou

anata ga mune ni tsuzuru koto no ha wa
shinku no hanayori nao saki hokoru
ibana no tamashi ka anata ni tsutsumarete
ikite mo ii no da to atsukunaru
kono mi sae suteru koto mo
osorenai to kakugo shiyou

*repeat x 2

Yes, yes, that's it!!! Thank you so much! You're amazing! Lyrics and all! ^O^ I love most of the Haru Toki songs, especially when all Hachiyou're involved. This is great. Thank you!!!

Re: Hachiyou boy band

Welcome ^^

Glad you liked the songs. ^^

Feel free to request anything else. :3

Meanwhile I'll be busy downloading Nizlaii's list. XD *thankies~~ hug hug*

Can someone send me some Tomokazu seki songs... I lost all my songs... and I can't find them on ther Internet...My Email-Adress is


Hi! I was deswperately looking for all the Miaka/Tamahome songs from Fushigi Yuugi CD Book, but the links on sendspace seem to have expired..could you please reupload them or send them to my email (

Hi! This is a long shot, but I was wondering if you might also have mp3s of the entire Eien Wo Ai Ni CD book, or if you could make some? Also, since the links to the songs are dead, if you ever get this message, would you be able to reupload them please? :)

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