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nizlaili wrote in singing_seiyuu
EDIT: Reup of Samurai Deeper Kyo Character Vocal Album (full). Enjoy.

Hmm, didn't realize I had these...Discovered within the dusty vault of my hard drive-and up they go! (For lack of better things to offer, gomen! ^^;; )

Samurai Deeper Kyo Character Vocal Album



3. PAX VOBISCUM Migeira; Midorikawa Hikaru

4. HANADOKI Sanada Yukimura; Ogata Megumi

5. KISUGI KANYOU NO KOTO Benitora; Seki Toshihiko ( Kyaaaa~~!)

6. AOSUSUKI Shiina Yuya; Horie Yui (Song's fantastic, btw)

7. KOHIKORO MO Izumono Okuni; Kakazu Yumi

8. KORAN Kyo; Katsuyuki Konishi

9. ASHIKABI Akira; Hoshi Souichirou

10. ZESSOU Shinrei; Seki Tomokazu

11. YOURYUU RISUI Sanada Yukimura; Ogata Megumi

12. DOKUMYOUFUU Hotaru; Koyasu Takehito

13. KINEN Kyo; Katsuyuki Konichi


Net's been particularly nice to me these past few days so here's another one, just for fun!

Na-Mi-Da; Lui's character song from Meine Liebe (Seki Toshihiko; a MUST-HAVE!)

EDIT: Link to song #2 fixed, my apologies!


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Took track 6 on your recommendation. Thank you! ^^

took the Meine Liebe song, thank you ^.^

Took the Na-Mi-Da because of your persuasive words. Thanks for sharing ^o^

Grabbed a few of the songs. Thank you very much! ^_^

Took the Meine Liebe song, thank you :)

Sankyuu! Took Takehito and Konishi songs, along with Meine Liebe.

Hi, got all of the songs...thanks!

Took all except from Meine Liebe. SANKYUU!! ^.^

Do you mind reuploading the whole album, if it's not too much trouble?

Sure thing-give me a few days? ^^;

I hope MegaUpload's good to you.

I don't have any problems with MegaUpload ^^ Thanks a lot~

(Deleted comment)
Can you reupload the songs again please? I've been looking for these SDK songs a long time ago....If it's not any trouble. Thank you. :)

Upped on a new post. ^^

Err...upped the new link on seiyuu by mistake. Are you a member?

I just became one a while ago, though... >.<;; Megaupload seems to hate me, (I couldn't download anything from my location)and the file is too big for me download. (>.<;; It takes me two hours or so just to download 40 megs...)

I'm really sorry if it's inconvenient but I plan on downloading just some of them to lower the filesize. I plan to download 2,3,5,6,7,and 10. >.<;;

>.<;; It's alright if you can't upload them again though.

Thank you. ^^ :)

IIf you give me a week I can upload the songs for you on YSI or something- but if you want the songs immediately I think you'd have better luck requesting them from someone else on the comm... ^^; Sorry!

YSI? >.>;; What's that? But anyway, I don't really need them immediately, so it's okay even if you post them in a month. xD But thanks for all the help. :) I appreciate that. :D

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